About Troop/Crew 52

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Our Troop

Since 1913, hundreds of boys and girls in Troop 52 have found satisfaction and pride in Scouting activities as they are challenged to become capable, ethical, and responsible adults.  In addition, more than 250 young men have achieved the Eagle rank through Troop 52.  Twenty-four Scoutmasters and their assistants and volunteer parents have shared their experiences.  Together we preserve our legacy of traditions which we pass on to future Scouts.

Youth lead our Troop.  Adult leaders and senior Scouts believe strongly in the concept of a youth-led troop and crew.  Our structure was established to give meaningful opportunities for youth to learn from older youth, progress to more responsible leadership positions, and experience the successes and real challenges of teaching and leading younger scouts.  Learning from both success and failure provides opportunities for our youth to learn and grow.

We expect each youth leader to be a role model to younger Scouts through their manners, appearance, and dedication to Scouting ideals.  Youth leaders are proficient in Scouting skills, encourage teamwork, are active in Troop activities, and show concern for others.  Youth leadership—consisting of Senior Staff and Patrol Leaders—plans and conducts our meetings and outings.  They set the schedule, supervise the activities, and evaluate the successes (or failures) of each event.  They also decide on Troop policies, discuss how to handle behavior issues, and assign duties to individuals or patrols.  Most responsibilities are accomplished during monthly Staff meetings, usually held on the Monday following a weekend trip.

All activities are carefully monitored by the adult leaders to ensure safety, and adults mentor and coach troop youth, but adult leaders do not intervene to prevent mistakes unless absolutely necessary.  Therefore, while Scouts may initially make poor choices on camp-outs or hikes, many more good choices are made, and every poor choice results in learning experiences for the youth.  We believe that Scouts learn best from the good examples of older Scouts and guidance of adults.  Scouts who “graduate” from Troop 52 are strong and experienced leaders who have learned how to work with and motivate their peers, confront and overcome adversity, and prepare themselves for a lifetime of responsible and ethical behavior and good citizenship. 

Troop 52 Scouts and parents are encouraged to read our Troop and Crew 52 Guidebook.  Copies are available from your Unit leader or from the Files page.

Lead the Adventure

Venture Crew 52 joined the Troop 52 program in 1997.  Venturing is an inclusive program through the Boy Scouts of America for females and males aged 14-21 (or 13 and completed the 8th  grade).  Venturing offers older youth more challenging outdoor-oriented activities, and it allows Troop 52's members who are ages 18+ the opportunity to continue their Scouting adventure with their friends from Troop 52.

The BSA Venturing program pioneered co-ed Scouting within the BSA.  Crew 52 functions as a co-ed program for events sponsored by the Council, District, or BSA;  Boy Scouts in Troop 52 may have dual-registration with the Venturing Crew.  Venturing Crew Advisors are full participants with Assistant Scout Masters in our combined adult leadership group.  

 Crew 52 typically meets weekly throughout the academic year and camps out monthly.  Crew 52 follows the Troop 52 schedule, occasionally participating in regional Venturing events.  We also participate in the High Adventure programs at Northern Tier (Minnesota/Canada), Philmont (New Mexico), and Sea Base (Florida/Bahamas).   

Venturing emphasizes A-L-P-S: Adventure, Leadership, Personal Growth, Service. The Venturing ALPS model is a guide to getting the most out of your adventures as you prepare for your future, regardless of if that may be in college, the workforce, or elsewhere.

Adventure is the key to Venturing, and developing outings with a sense of adventure is the key to a crew having fun and learning something new about themselves. As a Venturer, not only will you participate in outings and adventures, but you will also lead them.  As your leadership skills develop, you will become a mentor to other Venturers as they take on the role of leading an adventure or activity.  What the adventure looks like is up to you and the crew. 

Leadership is the tool you will use as you help the crew plan its adventures. As a Venturer, you will learn to lead the crew through the adventures of their choice. Leadership in Venturing is not just a position— it is an action, captured in the Venturing motto, "Lead the Adventure". Even as you begin your Venturing experience, you learn leadership skills by observing crew officers and more experienced members of the crew as they lead the adventure.

Personal Growth comes when you learn from your experiences as a Venturer.  Conversations with crew members and your Advisor will help you appreciate what you have learned.  Personal growth helps you identify and develop your talents and abilities so you can be prepared for life's challenges and opportunities.

Service is the gift we give to others.  It allows us to sustain our communities by identifying needs and targeting them. Venturing's commitment to community service will allow your crew to develop a program full of opportunities to serve others— and to have fun while doing so!

We invite you to visit us and learn more about our program!  To learn more about the BSA Venturing program, click here.    

Crew 52 Scouts and Parents are also encouraged to read our Troop and Crew 52 Guidebook available from the Files page.